Against My Nature...
In 2023, I became a trusted photographer with OM Digital System Cameras. It was a big surprise and a huge honor if not a little out of character.
OM Digital Systems started producing cameras two years ago, and they have been focusing on nature and the outdoors. Their kit is light and easy to use, and their pro models are weather-sealed, and look amazing too, especially the OM5 and EM5 range, perfect for anyone serious about pictures.
I started with the OM 10 many years ago and have used a variety of cameras over the years, but stuck with Nikon for a long time, namely the d7100 and 750.
Working in live music, events and shows, I needed something that could handle low light, produce sharp images and allow me to turn the around instantly, I loved my nylon cameras...
Until I saw the potential in Micro Four Thirds. My first venture was with the EM10mk3, which was an incredible camera for entry-level and was able to handle some tough conditions. I now shoot solely on the OM5 and EM5 Mk3, both of which are small yet powerful pieces of kit.
Nature and the outdoors aren’t somewhere I spent a lot of time, woth cameras, I was more about the moment and the light available, making me more of a wild card, ambassador, as still shoot low light and events showing just how much more you can achieve with both powerhouse cameras.
U have shot a wedding, several live shows in big and small embenies as well as commercial portraits and more.
The OM5 includes handheld super-resolution capabilities up to 50MB and 90 with a tripod
The OM5 looks and feels very similar to the EM5 series, and that’s not a bad thing. Consistency is key, and they look darn sexy! The OM5 has a couple of extra features, including a built-in ND filter.
Below is a selection of images I have been taking with these amazing cameras, from Live music, events interiors, portraits and a squirrel!
I will be showcasing the OM System range in video and tutorials as well as workshops, keep an my on socials for updates!
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